List of patch submissions


ID Submitter Title Status Reviewer
174 hackomatic windowscodecs: Fixes for JPEG decoder and support for CMYK to BGR conversion. v2 New
177 Zebediah Figura kernel32: Add support for detecting volume information with libudev. New
176 Michael Müller Allow arbitrary viewports for d3d11 in wined3d v2 New
175 gofman wined3d: Support indexed vertex blending. New
173 hackomatic user32: Fixes for an owner-drawn and sorted listbox. (v2) New
172 Michael Müller Add semi-stub for PathCchCombineEx in kernelbase New
171 toni crypt32: CryptBinaryToString* must not fill pszString when NULL New
170 Michael Müller Add support for 192 and 256 bit aes keys in bcrypt New
169 Michael Müller Partial implementation of BCryptImportKey and BCryptExportKey in bcrypt New
168 Michael Müller Add stubs for SetWindowDisplayAffinity and GetWindowDisplayAffinity in user32 New
167 Gijs Vermeulen api-ms-wine-core-path: Hide win7+ exports. New
130 m4sk1n 0007-wined3d-use-SwitchToThread-waits-in-wined3d_pause.patch New
126 m4sk1n 0003-wine-list.h-linked-list-cache-line-prefetching.patch New
162 pietjankbal1 workaround/hack for Spotify installer Superseded Sebastian Lackner
165 Michael Müller Implement CreateRestrictedToken in advapi32 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
163 Christian Costa d3dx9: Return D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 for 32-bits BMP in D3DXGetImageInfoFromFileInMemory. v2 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
166 Michael Müller Basic implementation of token integrity levels and UAC handling Accepted Sebastian Lackner
164 Marko Friedemann Wintrust: use enhanced provider in VerifyImageHash v3 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
161 Michael Müller Implement indirect compute dispatch and drawing in wined3d/d3d11 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
160 Michael Müller Add support for setting and copying uav counter in wined3d/d3d11 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
159 Michael Müller Implement support for all d3d11 color write masks in wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner
158 Kimmo Myllyvirta dxgi: Add stub implementation for DXGI_PRESENT_TEST. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
157 Michael Müller Add support for conservative depth access in sm4 shaders Accepted Sebastian Lackner
156 Sebastian Lackner ntdll: Improve heap allocation performance. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
155 Christian Costa d3dx9: Resend patches with style fix Accepted Sebastian Lackner
154 Michael Müller Ignore setting several port assignment related socket options in w2_32 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
153 Michael Müller Implement LdrRegisterDllNotification and LdrUnregisterDllNotification in ntdll Accepted Sebastian Lackner
152 Hi-Angel advapi32: LsaLookupPrivilegeName: check for pointer in WellKnownPrivNames Accepted Sebastian Lackner
151 Michael Müller Recognize SM4 nop opcode in wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner
150 Michael Müller Add support for start instance when drawing instanced data in d3d11/wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner