List of patch submissions


ID Submitter Title Status Reviewer
134 Michael Müller Add support for floating point formats with more than 2 channels in xaudio2 New
133 Michael Müller Emulate sample_c_lz using textureGradOffset for sampler2DArrayShadow in wined3d New
132 QwertyChouskie Initialize COM for msi custom actions using extra thread (bug 18070) New
130 m4sk1n 0007-wined3d-use-SwitchToThread-waits-in-wined3d_pause.patch New
129 m4sk1n 0006-Ensure-16-byte-alignment-of-data.patch New
127 m4sk1n 0004-ntdll-heap.c-freelist_balance-prefetch-next-entry-ca.patch New
126 m4sk1n 0003-wine-list.h-linked-list-cache-line-prefetching.patch New
125 m4sk1n 0002-ntdll-heap.c-align-everything-to-64-byte-to-reduce-f.patch New
124 m4sk1n 0001-ntdll-improve-heap-allocation-performance.patch New
89 hackomatic windowscodecs: Add initial implementation of IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetMetadataByName. v3 New
119 Michael Müller Always return MSIDBSTATE_ERROR when MsiGetDatabaseState is called from a custom action Accepted Sebastian Lackner
94 hackomatic advapi32: Add initial support for querying performance counters data. v3 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
131 Mark Jansen comctl32/tests: Prevent a possible nullpointer dereference. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
120 paulthetall Change DOS memory range for macOS Rejected Michael Müller
123 Michael Müller Mimic a more real kernel environment in ntoskrnl/winedevice Accepted Sebastian Lackner
122 Michael Müller Implementation of NtBuildNumber and ExInitializeNPagedLookasideList in ntoskrnl Accepted Sebastian Lackner
72 Mark Jansen [poc/rfc] Typed lists v2 Rejected Sebastian Lackner
17 Mark Jansen tests: Allow tests to specify a 'context', which shows up in the failure message. Rejected Sebastian Lackner
121 Mark Jansen [SHELL32/shlexec] Properly fail when a data object cannot be instantiated + expand environment strings when requested Accepted Michael Müller
128 m4sk1n 0005-oleaut32-typelib.c-fix-cursor2-having-the-wrong-type.patch Accepted Sebastian Lackner
108 deri82 wined3d: Add Brian Paul recognize code Accepted Sebastian Lackner
111 hackomatic server: Add support for a layered window region. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
112 hackomatic wine.inf: Add 'Counters' to the perflib key as an alias for 'Counter'. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
113 Michael Müller Fix a wineserver crash when a device driver segfaults during an open file request Accepted Sebastian Lackner
114 Michael Müller Implement ExInterlockedPopEntrySList in ntoskrnl.exe Accepted Sebastian Lackner
115 Michael Müller Implement opening files through nt device paths Accepted Sebastian Lackner
116 Michael Müller Handle /dontskip parameter in dxdiag Accepted Sebastian Lackner
117 Michael Müller Implement WINED3D_QUERY_TYPE_PIPELINE_STATISTICS in wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner
118 Michael Müller Silence two especially noisy d3d11 fixmes Accepted Sebastian Lackner
109 deri82 wined3d: Add more gl_vendor_string codes for amd cards Rejected Michael Müller