List of patch submissions


ID Submitter Title Status Reviewer
111 Dmitry Timoshkov server: Add support for a layered window region. New
110 deri82 wined3d Change default VIDMEM value for 1024 Mb New
109 deri82 wined3d: Add more gl_vendor_string codes for amd cards New
108 deri82 wined3d: Add Brian Paul recognize code New
89 Dmitry Timoshkov windowscodecs: Add initial implementation of IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetMetadataByName. v3 New
94 Dmitry Timoshkov advapi32: Add initial support for querying performance counters data. v3 New
72 Mark Jansen [poc/rfc] Typed lists v2 New Sebastian Lackner
17 Mark Jansen tests: Allow tests to specify a 'context', which shows up in the failure message. Pending Sebastian Lackner
106 Michael Müller Implement basic ACL security property page Accepted Sebastian Lackner
107 Michael Müller Create more usable fake dlls Accepted Sebastian Lackner
102 Andrew Wesie ntdll: Hide exports from old Windows versions Rejected Sebastian Lackner
104 Michael Müller Create thread to update user_shared_data time values when necessary Accepted Sebastian Lackner
99 Andrew Wesie ntdll: Update user shared data in a thread v2 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
105 Michael Müller server: Reset debug registers when creating threads Accepted Sebastian Lackner
100 Andrew Wesie advapi32: Implement BuildSecurityDescriptorW Accepted Sebastian Lackner
103 Andrew Wesie ntdll: Various stubs for Starcraft and Windows 7 v2 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
101 Alistair Leslie-Hughes wined3d: Check null pointer Accepted Sebastian Lackner
98 Andrew Wesie bcrypt: Fix BCryptEncrypt with AES_GCM and no input and no output. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
95 Dmitry Timoshkov setupapi: SPFILENOTIFY_FILEINCABINET handler should get original cabinet name as Param2. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
96 Dmitry Timoshkov windowscodecs: Fix 64bppCMYK and 128bppRGBAFloat pixel format descriptors. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
97 Michael Müller Add glyphs U+FB01 and U+FB02 in tahoma font. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
67 Sebastian Lackner Update Tahoma font to fix displaying letter combinations "fi" & "fli" v2 Rejected Sebastian Lackner
74 Olivier Dierick kernel32: Implement DEP policy Rejected Sebastian Lackner
84 Dmitry Timoshkov user32: Add a workaround for broken app that calls SetDlgItemTextW(hwnd, 50000, (LPCWSTR)50000). Rejected Sebastian Lackner
91 Michael Müller Add dummy apiset to PEB Accepted Sebastian Lackner
93 Dmitry Timoshkov oleaut32: Make OleLoadPicture load DIBs using WIC decoder. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
92 Michael Müller Implement HashLinks for LDR modules. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
88 Michael Müller Add stub for RtlGetUnloadEventTraceEx Accepted Sebastian Lackner
87 Michael Müller Implement NtSuspendProcess and NtResumeProcess Accepted Sebastian Lackner
90 Michael Müller Add stub for JobObjectBasicAccountingInformation and JobObjectBasicProcessIdList in NtQueryInformationJobObject Accepted Sebastian Lackner