Patch submissions


ID Submitter Title Status Reviewer
210 Sebastian Lackner wined3d: Use futex instead of busy-looping for presents and resources. New
209 Johannes Brandstätter Help needed, Adds wait futex to wined3d_pause New
208 Kimmo Myllyvirta bcrypt: Initial implementation for RSA. v2 New
204 Michael Müller Request for feedback: Shader parameter caching v3 New
205 Michael Müller Add support for depth bias clamping in d3d11 v2 New
188 James Coonradt user32: Fix FlashWindowEx message and return value v3 New
177 Zebediah Figura kernel32: Add support for detecting volume information with libudev. New
171 toni crypt32: CryptBinaryToString* must not fill pszString when NULL New
126 Marcin Mikołajczak 0003-wine-list.h-linked-list-cache-line-prefetching.patch New
130 Marcin Mikołajczak 0007-wined3d-use-SwitchToThread-waits-in-wined3d_pause.patch Rejected Sebastian Lackner
206 sgrunt d3d11: Allow NULL pointer for initial count in d3d11_deferred_context_CSSetUnorderedAccessViews Accepted Sebastian Lackner
207 Mark Jansen msi: Fix a buffer overrun in build_default_format Superseded Michael Müller
203 Stas'M rasapi32: Add stub for RasGetConnectionStatistics v2 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
195 Mark Jansen kernel32/tests: Test job statistics v2 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
194 pietjankbal1 kernel32-add-message-resource-for-TRUST_E_NOSIGNATUR.patch Accepted Sebastian Lackner
200 Michael Müller Allow NULL pointer for initial count in d3d11_deferred_context_OMSetRenderTargetsAndUnorderedAccessViews Accepted Sebastian Lackner
197 Michael Müller Implement vsync handling for d3d10/d3d11 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
199 Michael Müller Add quirk for broken auxiliary qualifier matching in wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner
198 Michael Müller Implement restoring of state after executing a command list in d3d11 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
201 Michael Müller Add semi stub for cuD3D10GetDevice in nvcuda Accepted Sebastian Lackner
202 Michael Müller Verification of ECDSA certificate chains Accepted Sebastian Lackner
193 Katayama Hirofumi MZ shlwapi: PathUnExpandEnvStringsW: The value of ComputerName shouldn't be a path v5 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
192 Mark Jansen kernel32/tests: Close process / thread handles Accepted Sebastian Lackner
191 Michael Müller Implement mip map generation of views for d3d10 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
196 pietjankbal1 rsaenh: Length of some algorithm names in PROV_ENUMALGS_EX seem to have wrong length count Accepted Sebastian Lackner
190 Michael Müller Implement generation of mip maps for shader resource views in d3d11 Accepted Sebastian Lackner
189 Michael Müller Translate icebp instruction to EXCEPTION_SINGLE_STEP on x64 in ntdll Accepted Sebastian Lackner
187 Alex Henrie msxml3: Remove CRs in domtext_put_data and add them in domtext_get_xml. Accepted Sebastian Lackner
186 Michael Müller Add support for interpolation qualifiers for sm4/sm5 pixel shader inputs in wined3d Accepted Sebastian Lackner
185 Michael Müller Fix privileged instruction exception code for x64 in ntdll Accepted Michael Müller